About Wingnutz

Our Background

Our background begins a long time ago (2005), in a kitchen far away (our house)

As our story begins, we were unemployed. We had been sampling wings all over Buffalo, NY and became disappointed. Most were greasy outside, fatty (or horribly dry) inside, and the sauce ran off into the oil on the bottom of the dish. The majority of the sauces we sampled were simply the same base "hot sauce" flavor with the minor addition of other ingredients (butter) to change the "taste". We decided to do something about that. 

Some of you know that we didn't drop off prepared wings for your event. We set up and cooked on-site for you and your guests. In addition, we make our own sauces. Our Mild sauce is sweet with a touch of tang.

Medium starts out sweet and finishes with a dissipating heat. The Hot sauce, well, it's hot, yet bursting with flavor (and addictive!). The Honey Garlic - let's just say that mouthwash isn't included! Then there is the newcomer, the Asian Apricot - our take on a Teriyaki that is light in color with just a bite of ginger. The wings themselves pull the sauce in yet stay crunchy throughout your whole plate.  As far as how your wings would taste the next tell us!


Now we cook our Award-Winning Wings for you inside our new location at 2675 Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst, NY (14228). Same flavors, same dedication to serving the best we possibly can, new hard-working crew. Although wings are the star of our show, we will have other items available (Please let us know of any food allergies in your notes when ordering at!).

We still look forward to making new Wing-cruits, one bite at a time. 


Julian & Betsy and the Quest for the Holy Grail. Buffalo, home to the Buffalo Wing, and a place of pilgrimage for worshippers around the world...  we heard whisperings about a wings spot that could only be reached by going on an Arthurian Quest of the poultry variety, Wing Nutz. Hidden in a Knights of Columbus chapter-house nowhere near Camelot, Bee and I did a double check as we walked into a reliquary adorned with armored knights and no sign of wings anywhere....

Julian F. - Yelp

Wings are crispy but juicy and sauces have unique flavor and pack some heat. Wings are HUGE

Cassie G - Yelp

This is by far the best place to get wings. Don't let the odd location foul you, the food was outstanding and Ed and Alisha were very pleasant. They put a ton of effort into their food. The wings are big, saucey, and crunching. Their home made sauces are delicious. We also got French fries with gravy that were huge and very tasty. This is a must try place

Jenna R - Yelp

By far the best wings in Buffalo! Customer service is top notch. It was very refreshing to find a place that makes great food AND takes pride in customer service. You won't be disappointed with this place!

Shannon F., Gilbert AZ - Yelp

How does a small place located inside of a Knights of Columbus compare to Buffalo wing giants like Anchor Bar, Duff's, and Gabriel's Gate? Well, it blows them all out of the water.

Steven M., Las Vegas NV - Yelp

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