Wingnutz started in our kitchen in 2005, after many disappointing visits to local eateries where the wings were either over or undercooked. Sauces were in the bottom of the serving dish mixed with the grease. Totally not what we were looking for, so we decided to have a go at a crunch for the wing that holds in the sauce and sauces that actually have flavor!

By 2007, we were feeding others our creations, and the evolution of Wingnutz began! In 2009, family members brought us a sign that is the logo seen on the sign at our location. As of 2019, we have incorporated all of our history into a new logo, seen on our current T-shirts!

From our most humble beginning until now was a 15-year ride - and now we're ready to meet you!

Wingy Fanz Rule!

Wingnutz would be nowhere without Fanz like you! A big "Thank you!" to all of our taste testers, Guinea pigs and the Friday Night Basement Crew!

Thanks to our "Stalkers" from Facebook that have been tracking us in order to, well, order!

Lastly, but by no means least, we thank our families. Without the love, support (and the sign) we would not be here today.

You should also know: Wingnutz was named #1 Wing Spot in Buffalo (Yelp), #1 Wing Spot in NY State (BuzzFeed) and #20 Wing Spot in the United States (Thrillist); all before we were in business for a year! What will this next year bring? You Fanz will help decide!

Wingnutz was awarded the best in the city from restaurant guru.

Rated #1 out of 1806 restaurants in Buffalo.
Rated #1 out of 102 restaurants in Kenmore.